Add Vilynx recommendations {{vidrecVersion}}

Get your recommendations

To start getting personalized recommendations you need to include the JavaScript code below to enable the Vilynx Recommendation engine within your page framework.

<script src="//{{vidrecVersion}}.min.js" data-publickey="HASH" data-onpluginload="handler.onPluginLoad" data-limit="5" ></script>

You can further customize the code with these options:

  • data-publickey="HASH" is your user ID.
  • data-onpluginload="handler.onPluginLoad" is the JavaScript function that will be called once the vidrec plugin is loaded. For more info, see integration examples.
  • data-limit="5" is the maximum number of recommendations to be returned.

For more help regarding the Vilynx Recommendation engine, send us an email to .

Release notes

Here is a list of the changes and improvements included in the latest version:

  • Editorial Widgets support: Since version 3, the plugin supports editorial widgets. For more information about editorial widgets, check out the dashboard .
  • HTML5 data-*: Following the W3C specs , all the configuration passed to the plugin via attribute must use the data- prefix. This rule is mandatory in all browsers.