A brief introduction

What is the Gallery?

The Vilynx Gallery is a javascript plugin which integrates the previews generated by the Vilynx brain to your website with only one line of code.

The Vilynx Gallery plugin will automatically detect videos on the page that match the video IDs on the Vilynx Dashboard and will replace the thumbnail with the video preview.

Key Features

  • Pure Vanilla Javascript The Gallery plugin does not use any external/third-party plugins.
  • Browser Compatibility Support for all destkop (IE10+) and mobile browsers.
  • Performance Built-in support for lazy loaded images. Previews are streamed and loaded only when there is user interaction.
  • Small, but killer With only ~30 KB gziped we created a fully customizable and easily-integrated plugin that will improve your site's video experience.
  • One line of code No layout changes required, just add the Vilynx library and previews will be enabled.